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Corporate Social Responsibility


AMODA Group is sincerely committed to the development of communities we work with and among which we operate in. We practice a culture of building good long lasting relations with all stakeholders and believe in collective growth and empowerment

As a group philosophy, we respond to various societal needs of local communities and provide a lending hand wherever we can. Be it environmental needs, developmental needs in the form of employment generation, education, health care, water, sanitation, women empowerment, Amoda Group has chosen to respond responsibly. We never undermine the importance of social obligations towards the society of which we are an integral part.

We are committed to:

  1. Adopt best in class environmental management practices and best suited methods to minimize and control pollution at all our facilities
  2. Strictly adhere to all regulations, standard requirements, and compliance in all operations
  3. Develop a culture of environmental and health awareness, resource conservation, and waste management among all stakeholders

Sustainable Operations

Sustainable operations are what sets Amoda group apart from the rest of the companies in this industry. Our leadership is directly involved and oversees the company’s sustainability efforts.

Our all round approach to sustainability encompasses mining operations, green energy, and energy conservation, waste management, socio-economic development of the communities around. We systematically monitor and encourage innovative practices and stakeholder participation.

We proactively take initiative to:

  1.  Choose the right technology for our projects to ensure energy efficiency.
  2.  Enhance material efficiency, process/equipment productivity by adopting cleaner technologies
  3.  Create awareness about waste management and practices in remote localities
  4.  Create greenery in depleted sites by promoting and driving plantations 
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility


The tag ‘one of the leading mining companies in India’ makes us more responsible towards the society and we prove it through our voluntary actions in reducing those negative effects of mining on one side and enhancing the living surroundings of the local people on the other side. We operate with all-out respect to environmental regulatory compliance and we do invest in the infrastructural development of the locality we operate in.

We respect nature and we emphasize on community programs as well at local level, provincial and regional level. Through our CSR, the local communities are getting better job opportunities and we support a sustainable community through the funds and donations for the development of the local community.

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