Chairman and MD

Mr. U. Kondala Rao is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Amoda group of companies. He is a dynamic Young Leader with a bold vision, strategic outlook, and motivational skills and Post Graduate in Business Administration and Finance with a combined experience of over 2 decades.
He is considered as a one of the most successful and young industrialists and entrepreneurs of our modern India. Exceptional leadership skills, subject matter expertise, never-ending passion and drive for excellence make him one of the most successful business leaders.
Under his  leadership and guidance, the group has shown phenomenal growth and diversified into 16 companies under four verticals.

Chairman & MD



Executive Director



Executive Director

Mr. Satish is a post-graduate in Civil Engineering and a former appointee of Union Public Service Commission of India in addition to holding MS Degree in Computer Science from Bradley University Illinois U.S.A.
He brings to the team, his vast knowledge on the experience of Managing Business with multiple products and Portfolios. He is also an industrial achiever at a very young age and has a modern outlook on business development, industrial management, operational management, and service Delivering.
His diverse professional background and experience helps in engaging successfully with other industry leaders, Policy Makers, and customers for delivering winning business solutions.

whole time director

Mrs. U Rama Devi is the whole-time director of the group. She has  business exposure of nearly 2 decades. She has been thoroughly engaged in Iron ore business since 1999 and started her business career with trading and marketing in that field.

With inherent business spark that she has been possessing with a successful business career, she has ventured into the Granite Business which involves the raising of granite blocks and trading.

She is acknowledged for her proven performance in mining as well as in trading. The Promising ethics and transparent communications underpin business-focused value propositions that leverage competitive advantage via her top-quality service.

Whole time Director


whole time director


Our vision is to become the global leader in metals and mining industry from India. This encompasses all domains of our work and processes, manpower and technology, systems. We aggressively pursue and drive change at all levels throughout the entire group companies to achieve the vision set forth.


Our mission is to produce and develop quality products at a competitive price while augmenting an environment where all Stakeholders can thrive. We will always strive to service our customer with the utmost integrity and to their complete satisfaction. We are also developing a culture that sees the organisation grow over decades.

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